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Workshops & Training

Workshop and Training from CHEPS UI

Center for Health Economics and Policy Studies (CHEPS) offers some training and workshops in health economics for health economists, health care professional and students. Time and place can be arranged based on agreements.

pharmacoeconomics training


In the situation of the population growth, it is universally acknowledged that our needs for effective and more advanced health care are increasing. However, safety and efficacy of health intervention of technologies are not enough; the interventions also should be cost-effective. Health care system is expected to be able to afford all those healthcare needs with providing service for people, while financial constraints inevitably exist.

To optimize and expand the skills in health economic evaluation method, Center for Health and Policy Studies Universitas Indonesia (CHEPS UI) is offering training for health economics evaluation and decision analytic method. We introduce the theory and provide a hands-on introduction and practical for creating, calculating and also analyzing the model.



  • Basic Concept of Health Economics
  • Health Economics Evaluation Methods
  • Cost and Outcomes (Theory and cased-based practical)
  • Patient Oriented Outcome Measurement
  • Decision Model

pajak rokok pelatihan

Cigarette Tax for Health Utilization

The cigarette tax is levied on cigarette excise by the government. Cigarette tax’s tariff is set at 10% of the national cigarette tax revenues. There are allocations (earmark tax) at least 50% of the withdrawal of the cigarette tax, used to fund public health services and law enforcement (Pasal 31 UU No. 28 tahun 2009). Thus, with the inclusion of tobacco was one of the taxed goods areas, there is additional funding for local governments to improve the health in the area

Therefore, this training from Center fo Health Economics and Policy Studies Universitas Indonesia (CHEPS) aims to disseminate information on cigarette tax policy and work plan for health use of the cigarette tax.



  • Cigarette Tax Policy and Implementation Regional
  • General Guidelines for Use of Funds for Health Cigarette Tax
  • Mechanism of Planning and Budgeting in Usage Cigarette Tax Fund for Health Sector
  • Cigarette Taxes Utilization Opportunities Fund for Regional Development

InaCBGs Pelatihan

Ina-CBGs Training

In National Health Insurance era, hospitals are required to accept payment patterns CBGs (case mix Based Groups) of BPJS Kesehatan as the organizing body. This means that health care claims paid by reference to certain diagnosis groups with a maximum predetermined rate. However, in hospitals, CBGs payment method can not be executed completely, characterized by the entire hospitals has not joined BPJS due to set rates is still considered less appropriate.

Referring to these conditions, the Center for Health Economics and Policy Studies Universitas Indonesia (CHEPS UI)  is offering to organize training CBGs payment patterns in the hospital.



  • Discussion on the concept of comprehensive National Health Insurance and problems arising
  • The concept of Ina-CBGs
  • Facts about Ina-CBGs from the field
  • Discussing the composition distribution of disease and cost variations
  • Case Studies and proposals for improvement Ina-CBGs

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