14 Mar

dr. Ryan Rachmad Nugraha


dr. Ryan Rachmad Nugraha

Research Assistant


Ryan holds Medical Doctor degree from Universitas Padjajaran since 2015. After graduating, he served as a research assistant in the TB-HIV Research Center at his previous university, worked on developing new rapid diagnostic tools, as well as identified social determinants of Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis. In 2016, Ryan started to join CHEPS UI as a research assistant, works on several topics, primarily on health economic evaluation in addition to serve as general physician in Leuwiliang District Hospital. His knowledge and experiences in healthcare are valuable assets to CHEPS projects, such as JKN referral system evaluation and Health Technology Assessment (HTA) on Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis (CAPD).

Email :

  • ryan.rachmad.nugraha@gmail.com