14 Mar




To accommodate the needs of economic study in health development and services, Center for Health Economics and Policy Studies (CHEPS) is established on December 1st, 1998.as one of distinguished research centers at School of Public Health, Universitas Indonesia.

The subject of Health Economics becomes more prominent in National Social Security System funding. Law on National Social Security System (NSSS), implemented in 2014 in the form of National Health Insurance (Jaminan Kesehatan Nasional/JKN program, has underlined principles of funding and prospective payment which encourage the need of health economics evaluation.

Since funding source will always be limited and people who need insurance coverage will demand more services to their need. economics study will become the most cost- effective way to provide answers toward this situation. Fair payment to health care personnel will be an added hot issue in the future. JKN also faces harder challenges with the existing unsolved old health-related problems, such as quality health care personnel maldistribution, poor health services, etc.

Therefore, CHEPS put its best effort in sharing ideas to solve national health-related problems and provide real contributions to improve national and local health system