14 Mar

Nurul Dina Rahmawati, S.Gz, M.Sc

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Nurul Dina Rahmawati, S.Gz, M.Sc

Research Assistant


Dina, a research assistant at CHEPS UI, achieved her Master degree in  Clinical and Public Health Nutrition from University College London (2016) and graduated a bachelor degree in Nutrition Science from Universitas Indonesia (2013). Once graduated from Bachelor degree, she joined CHEPS UI in a longitudinal study on behavior change intervention among hypertensive patient in Bogor District from 2013 to 2014. In this study, she contributed by developing health educational media and conducting pilot study to assess patients’ compliance and blood pressure changes. Having a deep passion in public health nutrition, as her master thesis, she did a study on dietary quality of people attending Foodbank around Central London, in which she obtains experiences and skills in data collection, data analysis and journal writing. In addition, her experiences as speaker in national and international conferences result in public speaking as her craftsmanship.