Prof. Budi Hidayat, SKM, MPPM, Ph.D

Head of the Center


Budi Hidayat is a highly endowed Professor of Health Economics and Social Health Insurance at Faculty of Public Health, the University of Indonesia and senior expert in social protection research, policy advice and reform. He has been instrumental in supporting and reforming social protection programmes in Indonesia and served a key resource person and advisor on behalf of various institutions and donor agencies (Ministry of Social Welfare (MOSA), the National Planning Agency (BAPPENAS), Ministry of Finance (MOF), Ministry of Health (MOH), DJSN, TNP2K, Tropical Medicine Heidelberg (2002-2004), GTZ (2004-2005), the World Bank (2006-2010), and AusAID (2011-2014)). Some examples for his remarkable achievements are mentioned in his CV.

Prof Budi designed the traditional Conditional Cash Transfer program (known as PKH), led the transferring process of the PKH design from BAPPENAS to the program implementer, MOSA, subsequently assisted the MOSA in the preparation and implementation stage up to 2010. As such he is author of several PKH books which are now used in the program, developed organizational structures and a national team within MoSA, trained UPPKH-central team on PKH design and roles. Together with the World Bank team, Prof Budi proposed the integration of several social assistance programs into IFCSA (Integrated Family-Centered Social Assistance) system, and transferred this to the Vice President office. He has assisted the GoI to establish a unit under the Vice President office (namely TNP2K), and worked with Dr Bambang Widianto—an executive secretary of the TNP2K–in developing a strategic plan of the TNP2K for period 2010-2015.

He was also the senior social protection expert, assisting BAPPENAS in social protection policy making process and program implementation. Since 2015, he has been appointed as senior policy advisor to the MOH, providing on call direct consultancy to the Minister, Prof Nila Moelok, and to the Center for Health Financing Unit at the MOH on various social health financing issues. In addition, Prof Budi also has extensive experience in leading social protection capacity building exercises including training programs and supporting the development of policy and programs

Prof Budi published dozen articles in national and international peer-review journals, including: Health Policy and Planning, Harm Reduction Journal, Cost Effectiveness and Resource Allocation, Health Policy, etc. He received more than 25 granted awards for his accomplishment in the field of academic atmosphere, research activities as well as community participations.

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