14 Mar

Ary Dwiaji, SKM, MKM


Ary Dwiaji, SKM, MKM

Research Assistant


Aji started joins CHEPS UI in September 2015 as a research assistant. He obtained a bachelor degree in Public Health with major in Health Informatics in 2014 and Master in Public Health with major in Quality of Health Services. Afterward, he spent 1 year working as a research assistant to develop a research database software for Pediatrics Department, Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Indonesia. His research experiences in CHEPS is related to drug procurement issues, particularly under National Health Issurance scheme. These researches equipped him with opportunities and experiences working with experts from National Public Procurement Agency (LKPP), Pharmaceutical Care and Medical Devices Directorate General  Ministry of Health, and Pharmaceutical Industries.

Email :

  • arydwiaji@cheps.or.id
  • arydwiaji@gmail.com